Director of Resources of Newcastle Council, Tony Kirkham

"Was interesting and did help us with our thinking"

IT Director of City of London Corporation, Sean Green

"Useful reflection on the benefits and drivers behind IT Services"

CIO of Buckinghamshire CC, Tony Ellis

"Thought provoking - which is what you want at senior management level"

Workshops and Briefings

Briefing for Corporate Directors Responsible for IT.

Quadnet offers the opportunity for Chief Officers and Corporate Directors who are responsible for IT to benefit from a Personal Briefing. The Briefing encapsulates ideas from our events which have been supported and promoted by:






"interesting and did help us with our thinking"

Director of Resources of Newcastle Council


 “interesting, indeed thought provoking”

Bi-borough Director of Corporate Resources at Westminster Council


What’s the Topic?

Inspired by CIPFA Thinks, and as councils are prioritising digital transformation in the delivery of key services, the 30 minute Briefing draws on case studies to demonstrate exactly what senior finance and resource leaders can do to establish positive and collaborative dialogue where the performance of IT – whether outsourced or on-premise – delivers on its purpose of efficiency and staff productivity.

How will the event help you?

it will show how manage IT in a non-technical and measurable way

it will demonstrate how to deliver millions of pounds of efficiency savings

it will demonstrate how others have improved their e-government initiatives


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