There are no co-incidences in computing: simply commissioning our independent assessment of Outlook’s speed was, in itself, enough to finally encourage the relevant supplier to improve that speed

Robert Marcus,

Corporate Director, Quadnet

For a whole year, over 2600 staff at Ealing Borough Council were being frustrated by slowness of the cloud email application Microsoft Outlook.  With outsourcer and IT department not finding a fix, they turned to Quadnet to quantify the problem and find clues to its root cause.




How we helped

The creation of an independent performance baseline of Outlook’s speed was the first step towards fixing end-user performance. Quadnet timed three fundamental processes;

1. accessing a name from an address book

2. sending an email

3. sending an encrypted email

25 seconds to search an address book



3 Sec


9   10   11  12   13   14   15   16   17

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Our Findings

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