IT can be something of a ‘dark art’ to a council’s management board, making measuring and managing it extremely complex.



We are transforming the way councils manage IT departments, and getting them to work for the business

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Key Performance Indicators around ‘availability’ will be augmented by adding visibility into system performance from the end-user perspective. This is achieved by creating Quadnet Management Dashboards (QMDashboards), for the Council’s most important apps.

QMDashboards for Tower Hamlets are real-time, and augmented by Email Alerts of faults. Below is an example management dashboard, using mock data.

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Management information on IT that makes sense

QMDashboards gives finance-orientated leaders historical (month-on-month) visibility of whether productivity is being impeded by an app, and if so, at what cost to the business. Thereafter, the business case – the cost/benefit - for fixing can be considered.

For IT leaders, QMDashboards display historical app performance relative to its SLA, as well as showing trends and volumes of user connections – valuable information for allocating resources for fixing slow apps.

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